rottweiler weight

What Should be proper Rottweiler Weight and Hight ?

Features Rottweilers are dogs that are large in size and have a powerful physique. It is not...
Some of Common Rottweiler Health Issues

Some of Common Rottweiler Health Issues

spite the fact that representatives of the Rottweiler breed are sturdy and have immunity and health quite strong by nature, like any...


Can Dogs Get Coronavirus

Coronavirus and pets: Can Dogs Get Coronavirus ?

As if the coronavirus had not already panicked half the world, a new and disturbing hypothesis begins to take shape. And that is that according to which...
dog sneezes a lot

why my dog sneezes a lot ?

Whenever your dog sneezes a lot, you ought to be concerned. Therefore, more times than not, as soon as your dog sneezes,...
rottweiler skin problems

Rottweiler Skin problems with solutions

Rottweiler Skin problems Every Rottweiler owner loves his dog and wants the best. but Rottweiler Skin problems...

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