Best Low Sodium Dog Food – low sodium dog treats

Best Low Sodium Dog Food - low sodium dog treats

Low Sodium Dog Food
Low Sodium Dog Food

It is always difficult to take your pet to the vet and leave, knowing that something went wrong with his health. This is especially difficult when you begin to realize that problems could have been caused by their nutrition. You may already know the dangers of excess sodium in your diet, but did you know that it can also be harmful to your pet? If your dog has heart problems, then sodium chloride can be dangerous. That’s why changing your diet can help take care of your dog’s health and even prevent certain conditions that might otherwise be costly to treat. What needs to be changed in the feed for your dog so that she can live a happier and healthier life? Well, you probably need the best low sodium dog food.

The benefits of sodium in your dog’s diet

Sodium is usually good for your dog, not something you want to completely remove from your balanced diet. This helps maintain fluid balance, protecting cells from dehydration or swelling.

Typically, the sodium content in most commercial dog foods is somewhere between 0.35% 0.5% with a healthy dog, nothing will work. In healthy dogs, even a higher sodium content will not show any significant deviations, except to drink more and excrete more urine. However, this may not be true for your dog.

Food Ingredients for Dogs Rich in Sodium: Meat, Poultry, Eggs, and Fish.

Why does your dog need a low sodium diet

The most common reason your dog goes on a low sodium diet is kidney or heart problems, such as chronic heart failure, This is when the heart causes your dog to retain sodium that your pet does not need. In turn, there is an excessive accumulation of fluid in your dog’s body. This will especially occur in the lungs and surrounding areas. Insufficient cardiac function only increases, as does sodium and fluid.

Over time, your dog’s heart will increase and will not be able to pump blood through your dog’s body. Species commonly predisposed to heart problems include basset hound, hounds, bloodhounds, spaniels, chihuahua, collie, golden retriever, saint bernard, Weimaraner, etc. heart murmurs, enlarged heart, and valve changes. Any of these heart conditions could mean that you should start looking for dog foods that are low in sodium.

Looking for Low Sodium Dog Food

When you find that your dog has health problems and needs less salt in his diet, you will want to be a little more scrupulous. Not all pet foods at the grocery store will meet your dog’s needs. Fortunately, some dog food brands are aware of this need and have prepared low sodium dog food to meet this need. Dogs that suffer from heart disease need dog food with less than 100 mg of sodium per 100kCal, you’ll want to make sure and read the labels, just double-check the sodium content. You should also make sure that you do not feed your dog any high-salt cutlery.

Top 5 Low Sodium Dog Food

1. Orijen Dry Dog Food

This protein dog food is designed to best suit your dog’s natural needs.

The recipe contains well-balanced meats, vegetables and fruits, even those considered suitable for human consumption. It is also a grain without limited, specially selected carbohydrates. Omega 3 fatty acids support smooth coat and healthy skin. Botanical substances were selected by veterinarians to support organs, cleanse the body of toxins and maintain a healthy metabolism. It is also a low sodium dog food with a sodium content of 0.3%.

The main ingredients include boneless chicken, chicken flour, chicken liver, whole herring, and boneless turkey. Some other fruits and vegetables include red lentils, green peas, green lentils, cranberries, and blueberries. Buyers who buy Orijen say this might be a bit more expensive, but that doesn’t compromise when it comes to pet health. Many say this is probably the best low sodium dog food and reflects the natural, hereditary diet of their pets.

2. Hill’s Science Diet Small and Toy Breed Dry Dog Food

Even small dogs need a lot of value when it comes to nutrition. If you are looking for low sodium dog food for your little pet, this will provide the exact formula you are looking for.

He has an individual diet that is well balanced and easily digested by your small or toy dog. The high-quality protein made from natural chicken ingredients and contains no by-products. It is also enriched with vitamins to enhance immunity and fatty acids to improve your pet’s skin and coat. This Hill’s Science Diet formula also provides the right amount of calcium to help support your dog’s bones.

Finally, this dog food contains a sodium level of 76 mg / 100kCal or 0.30%. The main ingredients include chicken flour, whole wheat, brewers rice, whole grain sorghum, soybean meal and pearl barley. Customers who use Science Diet say their pets eat well. They have a lot of energy, maintain the correct weight and look great. Many customers say that they will continue to use this food for their small dogs, especially those that are prone to heart disease.

3. The Honest Kitchen Verve Dog Food

One of the best low-sodium dog foods you might not have considered for your pet is the Verve dehydrated dog food.

It is a natural dog food suitable for adult and older dogs of all breeds and sizes. This is especially good for dogs that are allergic or sensitive to poultry. This low-gluten formula is beautifully diced, making it ideal for digestion. It is low in fat and low in calories. It is also a low sodium dog food. The label indicates the sodium content in this dog food at 0.17%, one of the lowest percentages on the market. The best ingredients include beef, organic oats, organic rye, organic flaxseed, potatoes, carrots and eggs. Food also contains apples, parsley, cranberries and spinach.

Customers say they found this food after researching many brands to find the best dog food for their pets. Dogs on this diet have improved health, energy and appearance. Pet owners can take better care of their pets’ health with this high-quality, low-sodium dog food.

4. Royal Canin Boxer Dry Dog Food

Sometimes some breeds are more susceptible to disease than others. This applies to boxers and heart disease, as well as a number of other large breeds. That’s why Royal Canin offers low sodium dog food for certain breeds.

This specific formula contains nutrients that help maintain ideal muscle mass, accurate protein levels and heart health. It also helps burn fat and stimulate the natural production of antibodies in boxers. This dog food contains 50 mg / 100kCal sodium. The best ingredients include brown rice, brewers rice, chicken by-product, chicken fat and oatmeal. Customers who have purchased this dog food for their boxers say they are happy that their dogs are getting the right nutrition to help prevent the disease. This is a great product, even for fastidious eaters.

They say if you have a boxer or any other breed with a low sodium intake, then Royal Canin is an option to consider.

5. Hills Science Diet Adult Light Dry Dog Food

Sometimes when you are looking for low sodium dog food, you also want low-calorie foods. Unfortunately, not all light dog foods are low in sodium. You must be careful when it comes to your pet’s health, and be sure to check the label or call the manufacturer.

This formula is 19% fewer calories than their formula for adults with improved training. Despite its lightness, this dog food satisfies hunger, turns fat into energy and helps maintain your dog’s muscle mass. Fortunately, this lightweight dry dog ​​food also contains little sodium. The label indicates sodium at 0.35%. The main ingredients include chicken flour, pea bran flour, whole grain sorghum, whole grain wheat, and corn gluten flour.

Customers who purchased this dog food say it is quality food with a taste that their pets like. It is often recommended by veterinarians and is a great low-calorie, low-sodium option for those dogs that need it.

Low Sodium Dog Food Recommendations

High sodium diet: anything above 0.5%

No risks or moderate sodium restrictions include 0.35% to 0.5% or about 100mg / 100kCal

Moderate sodium restriction includes 0.1% to 0.35% or about 80mg / 100kCal

Strong sodium restriction less than 0.1% or about 50mg / 100kCal

If your dog has any form of cardiovascular disease, then you will want to choose her food wisely. For these problems, your veterinarian may encourage you to look for dog foods that are low in sodium. True, there are many high-quality commercial dog foods that can provide the protein your dog needs without salt. Unfortunately, information is not available on most dog food labels. So, finding the best low sodium dog food for your pet may require a quick call to the company. By making sure that the level of feed in the food is within the acceptable level for your pet, you can increase the longevity and quality of life of your dog.


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