can dogs eat watermelon – can dogs eat watermelon rind?

can dogs eat watermelon
can dogs eat watermelon

can dogs eat watermelon

Each dog owner wants to pamper his pet with something tasty.  But you should wait a while with the desire to treat the dog with sweet treats, not figuring out if she can eat it. some dog loves watermelon. but owners are confused can dogs eat watermelon?

It is worth considering that the fruits in the dog’s diet can cause serious harm, and therefore, in spite of all the petitions of the animal, it is impossible to please all his whims.


Veterinarians point out that watermelon will benefit the dog if the owner comes to feeding the pet wisely. It should be noted that watermelon has a diuretic property, and therefore it will be useful for the canine organism as some cleansing of toxins that can come out of the liver, plus the fetus consumption will have a beneficial effect in case of better intestinal functioning. Equally important is the fact that in a watermelon there is a high level of fiber, magnesium.

can dogs eat watermelon

can dogs eat watermelon
can dogs eat watermelon

Summing up, we can say that watermelon starts the functioning of the kidneys, supplies the body with an inexhaustible source of glucose and fiber, which should be in a healthy pet’s body.

True, you should not overfeed the animal, because, in order for the treat to benefit the pet, you need to give it in small quantities and in small portions.


It should be noted that watermelon is not a natural product for an animal, and therefore they need to feed the dog correctly. The main consequence of taking watermelon will be the fact that after eating the fruit, the pet will go to the toilet much more often, and portions of urine will become much larger. You should take this into account, take your pet for a walk more often, because even a trained dog to go to the toilet on the street will not be able to restrain his desire, as a result, you will find a couple of puddles on the floor in the apartment. The dog is not to blame for this, the responsibility for his walk lies with the owner.

can dogs eat watermelon

A high-quality watermelon will exclusively benefit the pet, and therefore if he asks you for a treat, then there is no reason to refuse it. But there are some exceptions, namely: if the dog has a violation of the outflow of urine, diabetes, pancreatitis, flatulence, there are stones in the kidneys, constant diarrhea, then in no case should you feed her a watermelon.

can dogs eat watermelon
can dogs eat watermelon

Plus, it’s worth understanding that, often, the first watermelons are found with nitrates, which poison the body. Eating them is not only beneficial to humans, but also to animals. It is recommended to give a small experiment before giving a treat to a pet.

 Pour boiled water into a glass of water, and then put in it a piece of pulp. If the water becomes cloudy, it means that the product is clean and does not harm the pet if it turns pink, then chemicals are present in it, and therefore it is not worth it, neither to the dog nor to people.

How to give

If you will be giving a dog a watermelon for the first time, then, despite its size, it is worth chopping the flesh into small pieces. Be sure to pay attention to the reaction of the body to a new product, the variant of the manifestation of an allergic reaction is not excluded. If the dog begins to itch, sneeze, then exclude feeding watermelon at all.

Of course, before eating, you need to wash the watermelon, peel and peel it. You need to feed the dog in small portions 30 minutes before the main meal or a couple of hours after that. You can not mix watermelon with basic food and dairy products.

It is important to exclude the use of watermelon peel. You most likely noticed behind your pet that he does not chew food, but swallows the whole pieces. The crust from the watermelon is too stiff, and therefore it is possible that it can damage the intestinal wall. Most likely, the consequence of this process will be the appearance of loose stool with blood secretions. Seeds are also recommended to be removed. This is fraught with damage to the mucous membranes and malfunctions of the digestive tract.

It is not recommended to include watermelon in puppies ’diet for up to three months. This is due to the fact that the body of the pet is weak and fragile. 

In case of questions, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian. Remember that you are responsible for the life of your pet, and you need to take this task seriously!

Do not get involved in feeding the animal vegetables and fruits, even if the dog begs you to treat her with some other goodies. A vegetable diet is not acceptable for the dog’s body, because this way of eating can adversely affect its health. If your pet has gained excess weight, then the best option is to increase physical activity.

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