How long do rottweilers live ?

How long do rottweilers live
How long do rottweilers live

How many years Rottweilers live, directly depends on how the owner takes care of the dog, on average, their life is from 10 to 12 years. If you follow all the recommendations, a balanced diet, moderate physical activity, you can increase the life of the rottweiler 14-15 years. Some dogs of this breed cross the border of the 17th anniversary.

Love your dog, look after her – and then your friend will live a long and happy life.

How long do rottweilers live

How long do rottweilers live at home ?

Today, large dogs are by far the lowest life expectancy of small breeds. This is due to the main activity of the large breeds, namely protection. Due to the constant stress, the dogs fall asleep a little and hear more about any swelling around.

 It is impossible to eliminate this factor, since it is programmed in the animal at the instinctual level. And this behavior is an integral part of his life. But, unfortunately, it depends on How long do rottweilers live.

The rules of their activity are also an important factor. A laid-back lifestyle shortens the life of a pet, since rottweilers, by their nature, require daily training. But don’t be frustrated at large dog breeds. Even taking into account the time allotted to them, this time will be unforgettable for both the pet and the dog owner.

Is it possible to affect the life of a rottweiler?

Good content and heredity are capable work wonders. When buying a puppy from purebred dogs, you should be concerned about the average life span of four-legged ancestors. This will allow you to know How long do rottweilers live according to genetic markers. You will then need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the contents of this breed, the characteristics of nutrition, training and care.

Each owner will meet with your pet’s time of year and your eating habits and walks. A prerequisite for maintaining a Rottweiler is knowing the pet’s first aid rules. Despite the strong skeletal and muscular, these breed dogs can become very ill. And for first aid, the owner needs to learn how to inject or bandage. Compulsory veterinary trips to the vet will be able to improve the quality of life of the rottweiler.

Owner feedback

If you read the reviews of the owners, you can clearly see How long do rottweilers live depends entirely on the content of the pet. Some believe that after 12 years of life this breed turns into a real wreck, and one denies this information, claiming that the rottweiler at 14 is very agile and intelligent.

It should be noted that a major factor is pet disease throughout life. Animals can suffer from various ailments, which clearly reflect their health and quality of life. But all the comments converge on what the average life expectancy of a big dog is 12-13 years and only a few can survive that limit.


How long do rottweilers live depends solely on the owner of the breed. If, by receiving a puppy, its owner will give him all that is necessary and follow the rules of pet care, the rottweiler will thank him for many years. But if the owner is not ready to constantly monitor the animals, then it is preferable to choose a dog of another breed. It should be noted that rottweilers are the most loyal dogs, and this is valuable in the modern world.


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