All About Rottweiler Dogs-Complete Guide, help you to care rottweilers.

Rottweiler Dogs
Rottweiler Dogs

The Rottweiler dogs are rather large dog, with a terrifying appearance, but in fact it turns out that these formidable dogs are capable of tenderness and affection. They love outdoor games, love children, and very rarely show aggression towards anyone.

Representatives of the Rottweiler breed are also particularly smart, they quickly remember the commands and obey them implicitly. At the same time, the Rottweilers are very willful, they will never forgive the betrayal, therefore, you must always be on guard with them.

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The ancestors of the Rottweiler have been known since Ancient Rome as guard and cattle dogs. Together with the Roman legions, they crossed the Alps, later found themselves in the vicinity of the Swabian city of Rottweil, where they mixed with local dogs. The breed was formed in Germany in the 20s of the 19th century. The main task of the Rottweilers was to guard people and their property, as well as graze cattle.

Soon, local butchers took up the breeding of this breed, after which a dog called “Rottweiler-Metzgerhund” appeared, which means the Rottweil butcher dog. The modern Rottweiler is known as a reliable service dog and watchman, and is popular at exhibitions. Assessing his ability as a guard dog, in 1910, the Rottweiler began to be used to work in the police. Today it belongs to the classic service dogs. In the USA, the breed has been recognized since 1935,


The Rottweiler belongs to the Molossians – this is the name of a group of dogs that are distinguished by massive build-up, muscularity, a strong jaw, courage and devotion to the owner.

The Rottweiler has a calm disposition, he is naturally balanced and not prone to mood swings. But if the dog feels a threat in relation to itself or its owner, then its reaction will be swift: not everyone can withstand the attack of the Rottweiler.

In the house where they plan to have a rottweiler, they should remember that a poor psychological climate in the family, quarrels and excessive fuss can provoke a revival of the guardian instincts in the dog, and then it becomes restless and unbalanced. The Rottweiler needs a peaceful atmosphere, he loves the measured rhythm of life. If a dog feels comfortable among domestic animals, then his devotion to the family will be unlimited.

It should be remembered that all the positive qualities of the Rottweiler are not manifested at one point: the dog must be given the opportunity to grow up on his own. Excessive pressure and training can worsen the character of the dog, making him an aggressive creature that is dangerous to others.

Height at the withers of the male is 63.5–68.5 cm, females – 58.5–63.5 cm. The head is wide in the cranial part. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle is pronounced. The ears are small, hanging, triangular in shape. The neck is wide, round, with a moderately developed scruff. The chest is deep, wide, round. The croup is short, wide. Limbs straight, front wide set. The tail is short, high set, it is stopped, leaving one vertebra. The coat is short, straight, and rough to the touch. Color: black with clearly defined tan marks. The color of tan is from light brown to reddish brown, it is preferable as dark and brighter as possible.

Rottweiler Characteristic

Rottweiler has a dense physique, it immediately guessed strength and endurance. He has a friendly disposition and a high threshold of irritation, in addition, he is fearless and confident in himself, with the right upbringing, it can very well be a wonderful family dog. In Germany, the breed is very popular, although it is primarily suitable for those who can provide dogs with other animals from a very early age and show enough patience and perseverance during their upbringing.

Being self-confident, the Rottweiler submits only after he recognizes the “leader” in his teacher, and it is desirable that his master possess sufficient physical strength. Dogs are distinguished by a pronounced desire to show their superiority.

Rottweiler Dogs
Rottweiler Dogs

Rottweiler Character

When creating the breed, special attention was paid to such qualities as loyalty, balanced character, courage. It is these qualities that describe the nature of the Rottweiler. All these features of his temper are passed down from generation to generation, and no training can influence them.

The Rottweiler most of the time is in a good mood, he is happy to take part in fun and games. The dog is friendly towards the person. Being among people, the Rottweiler behaves calmly, calmly. A dog knows its worth, never gives in to panic or fear. The Rottweiler casts its voice only in the case – it does not bark in vain. In general, this dog is not very temperamental, it is not characterized by impetuosity or fussiness.

Rottweiler Care

Rottweiler may well be kept in a city apartment. The only thing you need to constantly remember: the dog needs intense exercise and physical activity. Therefore, it is imperative to provide the pet with the possibility of long walks, wherever she realizes her activity.

Rottweiler coat requires constant care. To make it shiny and smooth, the dog needs to be combed regularly. In addition, this procedure has a beneficial effect on the skin condition and is a kind of massage that improves muscle condition.

For combing, it is best to use a special mitten. It not only tidies the coat, but also removes hair and dirt from the dog’s body.

Rottweiler Training

The Rottweiler lends itself well to education and training and feels great on the dog site. With appropriate training, he turns out to be a good companion and watchman, in addition, he is happy to engage in various types of dog sports.


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