Ways to Train Rottweiler to Attack on Command ?

Train Rottweiler to Attack
Train Rottweiler to Attack

Does your Rottweiler, which should protect the family, make no distinction between their own and others? Is she happy to meet not only you, but also the public utility workers? So we need to urgently correct the situation in order to raise a real defender! So we need to Train Rottweiler to Attack on Command ?

Relatively dog ​​and owner, first and foremost to Train Rottweiler to Attack on Command ?

You must be engaged in raising a childhood dog, regardless of its breed. The owner is the leader, so all attempts at domination should be stopped immediately. Creating relationships between you and your pet is a discipline and the unquestioned execution of orders.

However, this does not mean that you cannot show love for the animal. A dog that will feel sensitivity and care will become a determined protector and a good friend. If the owner is in close contact with his pet, then the training process will not bring any special problems.

The best time to start learning

The choice of time for training is influenced by the characteristics of the dog breed and its individual character. The guarding qualities of aggressive dogs manifest themselves on an automatic level, so you don’t have to try to develop them. On the contrary, correct and control the manifestations of dog mischief.

Experts canine experts say that before half a year, it is useless to teach a dog to bark at others. The dog still does not know how to cope with the aggression, so that in the future he will become too angry and uncontrollable. An example of such actions may be the presentation to the owner and a manifestation of aggression towards other family members.

If you do not want the dog to show “puppy delight” with regard to the people who pay attention to it, wait until 9-12 months. After that, you can start training your dog. The pet will become more constricted as it grows, so training will be easier.

The rules of the board of education

Before you start learning, you must learn to distinguish between “face” and “foreign” commands. The danger signal is considered to be the exclamation of the “foreign” owner. The reaction of the dog should be muffled or barked at a stranger. Attempts to attack the first must be stopped. In this way, the animal tries to protect itself and the owner.

In the next step, find the “face” command. If the animal hears it, they will rush to bite or the dog, trying to bite. This team is usually made up of guard dogs or service dogs. But you can only start training after the dog passes the main training course. He should know all the main commands and respond immediately.

Methods of training for Rottweiler

Remember that the breeds of service and guard dogs are a danger to the people around them. Therefore, the dog’s learning process should be treated responsibly. A pet should show aggression only if:

The question we consider involves the surrender of a dog to a “foreign” dog, because it has to get angry at strangers.

  • the owner is threatened by an improper person on the street;
  • an animal without a master is trying to attack you;
  • The thieves try to get into the apartment or the car.

The surrender of the “alien” team should begin at home. Ask someone you know to knock on the front door. When the animal begins to bark, the owner must clearly say “alien” and praise the animal for the reaction. To reinforce the result, such actions must be repeated several times.

Then you can go for workouts in the fresh air. You have to have an assistant who gets close to the dog, hits a stick and tries to attack you. You must clearly say “Alien!” And push the imaginary attacker. If the dog is laughing or barking, encourage him. But do not give the dog treatment as it will distract him from the training process. After a while, the dog will have a connection between this team and the need to respond to it.

But we should not exclude the fact that the animal can react to the situation in a completely different way. He can get scared, start drinking and try to hide. The assistant must approach her from behind, pinching her skin, located close to her back paw. The pain will cause the animal to react properly, so it will become angry. If you decide to use the method described, make sure you wear a dog boot because it can bite a person.

Train Rottweiler to Attack

When you are teaching an Rottweiler, do not forget the existence of important rules:

  1. All basic training should be carried out in places specially designed for this purpose. If there are no such sites in your area, leave the city.
  2. Bullmastiffs, Great Danes, Rottweilers and other big dogs become adults two or three years old. That is why it is worthwhile to start training them in adulthood. Otherwise, break the pet psyche, which will become too aggressive and uncontrollable.
  3. The role of “criminals” should not be played by friends or family members. The pet has a phenomenal memory, so he will begin to perceive them as enemies, even in everyday life.
  4. Before you start training, make sure the animal listens to you unconditionally. Only in this case will you be able to turn it off if necessary. Do not allow your animal to attack the imaginary attacker, because in the future it will cease to subjugate you.
  5. The fresh air training process must be absolutely safe for the assistant and for the spectators. To do this, hold the pet closely to a lesson, without letting go.


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